“L'Onorata Società" prefers not to define it’s own musical genre as it grows and takes shape with its members in a costant becoming. Strong music, which strikes straight to the heart, proposing itself as mouthpiece of cultures and social redemption. Music which has inside personal experiences and tells a cross-section of different cultures and their approach to life, through downbeat and upbeat vibrations. On stage, art and music become an enthralling and explosive moment of creative tensions, joy and reflection, marked by a singular and engaging sound. 

In the formation of Onorata, which for all nine members is a “shared” project of life, there are the singer-songwriters Simone Cugnata, Paolo Cultrera, Giuseppe Giummarra and Roberta Di Martino. On stage, indissoluble, with their remarkable musical interpretations there are: Massimo Occhipinti on bass, Enrico Boncoraglio on guitar, Vincenzo Rotilio and Fabio Di Stefano on keyboards and electronics and finally Ciccio Spataro on drums. 

In the last 4 years L’Onorata have played on hundreds of stages, sharing them with national and international artists including Manu Chao, 99Posse, Lello Analfino & Tinturia, Sud Sound System, Alpha & Omega, Roy Paci, Rita Botto, Rocco Hunt, Deborah Iurato.They have participated in various festivals, such as Musicultura (Macerata), the Antimafia Festival of Milan, and won the Best Live Performance at the Lennon Festival. The band, after "Follow me" and "Medicina Popolare", has given birth to the third album: "L’Anima Animale"